Where to stay in Augsburg: Ibis Koenigsplatz

When I am out of accommodation ideas and I have a relatively limited budget, I know that Ibis Hotels are the best choice. I did it in Regensburg and in the beautiful Birmingham too, and I wasn't disappointed. This time, I am on a short visit in Augsburg and I have to make a choice between more than one Ibis. My intuition told me to book Ibis Koenigsplatz and it proved (again) to be an inspired decision.
From the train station, I had to walk around 10 minutes passing by another Ibis hotel, relatively closer to the busy attraction area. Ibis Koenigsplatz is close to the central area too, but situated on a street predominantly with appartments. I am staying at the last flour and everything was quiet except one fire alarm that broke our deep sleep one midnight. Everything is clean and inviting to rest, especially after you go hiking intensively to the neighbouring Bavarian castles.
The furniture is not very stylish, but practical, with a big bed, including the children's, a shelf for clothes and a big desk. If you are on an extended business trip, you can easily set up your own little office. Given that there are also conference facilities in the hotel, you may even extend your networking level. There are two luggage closets which make it ideal to share the room. 
The bathroom is relatively small compared to the rest of the room, but still there is a lot of space.
The personnel is friendly and overall, the hotel looked very children friendly. For the breakfast, you have to pay another 11 EUR. Drinks or coffee can be ordered from the reception mini-bar also later in the day. For the breakfast, there are many choices, simple healthy combinations for the morning dish, plus a glass of prosecco - it seems it was a summer offer - or you can make your own waffles. At first, I was thinking that it might be a bit expensive - if you compare with the limited offer of a bakery next door, but I am a breakfast fan and at the end, I realized that it was a good investment - if you consider the huge amount of walking I do in a day. 
Overall, it was a good accommodation, with a fair price for the quality received. As for now, I am already planning the next German trip and most probably there will be at least another Ibis included. Stay tunned! 

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