A new blog is born

After sharing my last year expat experiences in Berlin at Foreigner in Berlin and my round the world adventures at Ilana on the Road, after a couple of months of break from writing - but not from travel, as you will see in the next posts soon - I took the big decision to start a new blog, more representative for what I am now: Ilana travels.
With a new format and platform - Wordpress was not necessarily my cup of tea - and some posts from Germany and Israel coming soon, the blog will keep being a photographic diary of great hotels, foods, sightseeings and tips. As the family got bigger, expect some children/baby travel tips and insights too. 
To be honest, I did suffer quite a lot to not travel blog post lately, but if you want to keep it up with my latest adventures, check my Instagram: #Ilanaontheroad for some beautiful pictures and updates. I am also on Snapchat - also as Ilanaontheroad, but still learning to make my way through, one snap at a time.
Happy to be back and see you soon with fresh posts!

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