Discovering Bad Pyrmont

Bad Pyrmont is a popular spa resort one hour away from Hanover by train, with a population of less than 20,000 people. Famous for its palms, beautiful garden and therapeutic waters, in the last years it is trying to attract a younger category of travelers and to offer attractive services. Not too well known except the passionate spa hoppers, I took the challenge of a short visit to discover more about this destination.
From the train station the half an hour slow walk neighbours cosy mountains with gentle horses sight on the top, green waters and big houses tucked in the middle of rich and colourful gardens, but also industrial areas. Everything is very quiet, even it is the middle of the day and of the week. 
A long avenue bordered by high trees descends from the springs' area until the center of the town. The nowadays aesthetic view had in fact therapeutic reasons: after drinking the requested quantity of healthy waters, patients were supposed to take earvy in the morning a long walk allowing the digestion of the minerals. 
I am go far beyond the alley and we arrive at the castle, a Baroque summer residence hosting around the year various cultural events, such as exbitions and concerts.
Back to the alley which is like the backbone of the small locality, there is a more modern part of it, which goes until Europa square, where the Tourist Information office is situated too. The office offers not only details about various guided tours of the city taking place regularly, but also where and how to rent e-bikes for a faster view of Bad Pyrmont.
Heading back to the area considered more 'central', there is a theatre with various shows in German. I didn't see too many art galleries or cultural attractions, but there are many shops around. In case the visitor wants to enjoy more cultural entertainment, the beautiful city of Hameln, which I visited before - more details in a next post - is only 15 minutes away. 
The spring area offers various waters to taste, many recommended for gastro-enterology maladies. A salty smell is in the air. All you need is to take a plastic cup and pour yourself the recommended quantity. The benefic effects of waters made Bad Pyrmont famous for centuries and brought here famous visitors such as Frederick the Great, Tsar Peter the Great or Goethe - well, he went just everywhere in Germany. 
From the way to the city from the train station, I noticed the specific architecture, mostly multi-storey buildings some painted in pastel colours. Besides the many hotels offering accommodation, including a Steigenberger Hotel in the central area, there are also private rooms offered for short-term rental.  
The spa park is imense, with many medical buildings and serious looking people crossing paths. During the summer, relaxing outdoors gives you such a good feeling that helps you cope easier with any medical challenges. 
The beautiful spa garden is one of the places I was longing to see, probably the main reason I decided to cut short my trip to Hameln to come here. The view of the long silent alleys bordered by antique columns gives you the feeling of visiting some beautiful Italian gardens. 
Considered one of the most beautiful Germany's gardens, it is an invitation to long walks and meditation. You just need to leave everything behind and let yourself conquered by the beautiful palms. 
At least for a while, you are caught into the magic nets of the flowers. This makes you think that even there are yet ot too many attractions in Bad Pyrmont, at least these gardens are worth a one-day trip.
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  1. looks like a great mix of modern and old, man made and nature!

    1. Yeah, it gives you a good feeling. The air is very fresh too!