Hostel Review: Living on Amicitia boat in Amsterdam

Amsterdam offers a wide array of possibilities in terms of accommodation, for every budget and preferences and I wish I had more time to explore at least two more places. However, having in mind a very short stay and curious to try something completely new, I decided to spend one night on a boat. Amicitia Hostel boat. The decision to spend the night on a boat was took considering another travel plan I have in my mind. I suffer of seasick and thus all my cruise plans were a failure. As I am sure it has something psychological too, I should start getting used with boats and life on a boat and on water in general.
The hostel can be reached within 15 minutes maximum from the Central Station. From there, there are a lot of opportunities to get connected to the main city attractions. It situated in an area with other hostel boats, relatively far away from the busy streets so you have the guarantee of an undisturbed sleep. Image
The boat is relatively small, with 16 cabins with 2 single bunks and only 1 cabin with 4. There are 5 toilets and 5 showers, a space for laundry and a small lobby for breakfast and reception. The rooms are relatively small, with a sink and a small closet. When in your room, you better go in your bed and try spending the rest of your evening there as you don't have where to go. You can easily check your e-mail, as free wi-fi is offered on board. The speed is quite good and I was able to do a lot of work on my small piece of bunk. Due to the very limited amount of space, I am not sure I would have been able to resist too much there, but Amsterdam is not the city where you plan to spend time in your 'room'.
Everything is relatively clean and during my stay the boat was decently quiet. The residents were people from different countries and ages, single or couples, with or without children. The weather was also good, without too much wind but probably during stormy days, one can have the real shaking sea experience (said the scared seasick me).
Shortly after I made the reservation, a couple of weeks in advance, I received an e-mail explaining the directions and how I can enter in case that I arrive too late. The check-in was very fast, and received a lot of support for orientation through the city, plus a free map.
The breakfast is included in the price, but did not have a taste on it. I had a look early in the morning and saw some cornflakes, jams, fruits juice, a balanced offer.
The next time I will be in Amsterdam I plan to test different categories of hotels as the offer is impressive, so not sure I will return on Amicitia. I can recommend it to anyone interested to spend a short sleep in the city, at a very good price and in a quiet area. Their customer service is highly appreciated.

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