Hotel Review: Hotel Blume, Heidelberg

Recommended as a 'hip' residence, the only big advantage of Blume Hotel is the location: close to the Central Station, the center and the Zoo. I cannot say the price or the advantages as for such a price, in more expensive places I can get a much better quality for less. Let's start with the very beginning.
When you know that some of your visitors will arrive late, or can arrive late, it is a good idea to send them an e-mail and let them know how they can enter if nobody will wait at the reception. Or, at least, leave them a note, with the steps to be pursued to enter in possession of their key. I was able to enter my room only 20 minutes upon arrival, after calling a number mentioned for emergencies on one of the doors. Welcome!
I got into my room after walking a dusty hall, with some artificial flowers - Blume means 'flower' in German. The entire building looks like a reconditioned hospital or factory, or something in between. The room was big, maybe too big, but at least one welcoming sign was waiting for me: a bottle of water from a local spring. The sheets were clean, but relatively worn out.
A little desk was hidden in a corner with a cable presumably for the Internet connection, but, surprise, as no one gave me any specific indications about the password and any details, I was not able to use the Internet. Big issue, as the access to wifi was an important reason to consider in booking the room. I was revealed some details the next days, but was too late.
The restroom is looking well, with some soaps and shampoos offered in a little basket.
The room can be a good choice for those travelling with big luggage. It is a lot of improvisation in the furniture, room and lobby decorations, but without too much passion to make things looking good and inviting, even without a significant investment. Everything look cheap and if you like to stay, it's your choice. In other words, no one invite you to really enjoy the experience of your stay there.
To be honest, the balcony is the best place to spend your time there: big, with a table to take the breakfast in the morning or to read while sipping your coffee.
The next morning, after a self-imposed long sleep and a headache from the evening before, I checked the breakfast facilities. The same impression of things done because should be done, not because there is a pleasure to do it and make other people feel better. The menu: an omelette, a coffee, some fresh juice and cheese. I checked out as soon as possible and went out to save my day in Heidelberg.

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