Afternoon tea chez The George Hotel Hamburg

It was a long time since my last afternoon tea, a project I started a couple of years back, aimed to feature the best high teas in Berlin and abroad. It was a long time also since my last visit to Hamburg, a city that always surprises me, no matter how much time I spend here. In the last days of 2016, I decided to offer myself a double surprise: a trip to the fancy Northern port of Germany and an afternoon tea at The George Hotel. After a fast-forward tour of the city, the British warm of the lounge welcomed us in shades of pastel and an invitation to relaxation.
Situated relatively close from the train station and the central area, in the colourful St. Georg neighborhood, the four-star The George is a oasis of style and well-being, with its 125 rooms and British charm.  
The afternoon tea is offered at DaCaio Italian restaurant, at the ground floor. As I visited during the high winter season, I choose to make a reservation one day in advance, to be sure that we don't have to wait and we have a secured seat. However, this is a practice I recommend always, as it is good to know that there are no surprises, just in case the hotel is hosting some events or just there are no places left.
The service was very fast and welcoming, with children seat available. The pleasant music and the inviting ambiance, created a perfect bubble to relax and enjoy the best in life. More to come...
The three-tiered rack brought on the Moroccan-like round tables had at each level a bit of pleasant surprises. First, the sandwiches with salmon and fresh olives - I loved the filling but wasn't very impressed by the bread, or maybe the sandwiches were a bit too big for my expectations. Second, the fresh home-made scone - the perfect pastry was only opening the appetite for more, but good things in life are not coming in plenty - combined with the equally perfect intense clotted cream. Not forget the orange marmalade, also fresh and with the right balance between sweetness and the natural sprinkling sourness of the fruit. 
With so many different challenges for my palate, it seems that I was inspired to order Gyokuro Asashi Tea, a bit neutral with sour accents; it brought very well the right taste balance after so many bits of different foods.
And it was more, although in small bites: the tiramisu in a small glass, with its layers balancing each other coated in a layer of cocoa; the dense creme brulee, and the fruits coated in chocolate - the choice for pineapple for instance was an unexpected pleasant surprise. 
The cost of the afternoon tea is 21 EUR. If you want the option of a glass of champagne, it gets a bit pricier. 
After a long break, coming back to the healthy high tea habits was a good choice. And choosing The George Hotel was a wise - and tasty too - move.
Cheers to many more afternoon teas in 2017!