Breakfasts in Karlsruhe

Seasons are coming and going, favorite places are upgraded or downgraded on the bucket list, but wherever I go, there is something that always stays with me: breakfast. I am a big lover of breakfast and I cannot properly start my day without a rich meal, always accompanied by a mug of black, sugarless coffee. Back in the times when I had to be at work at 8 o'clock I was taking up some sweet hours of morning sleep to be sure that I have enough time to prepare my morning ritual, very often the one and only serious and quiet meal of the day.
When I travel, I always try to keep it up with various menus and options, always looking forward to the richer part of the plate. 
Last month, I spent a lovely long birthday weekend in Karlsruhe - with short-time trips to Ettlingen, Pforzheim and Baden-Baden - and wanted to be the early bird catching the (travel) worm. Therefore, I had the chance to test various breakfast options in town, which I am ready to share.
If you just need some fast meal, with pastry and local brezel - you need to try the Baden-Württemberg variant, much tastier than the usual variant sold in Berlin - and maybe some warm quiche, the local network of bakeries Badische Backstub is an affordable and satiable option. 
However, if you are looking for much more, in the Western part of the city, you can enjoy starting with 8 o'clock in the morning a rich Bulgarian morning meal, accompanied by the famous white cheese and local - cottage cheese-filled pastries, at Mama's. They say that breakfast isn't such an important meal in the Bulgarian tradition...
If you are around the Central Station, on the other side of the street, with a view over the pink flamingos from the Zoo, there is my favorite breakfast spot in town: Löwe an Tiergarten. It usually serves the customers of the hotel with the same name, but it open heartedly accepts outsiders too. The prices vary between 3 and 10 EUR. The Swedish buffet has a good selection of cheese, fresh pastry and vegetables, cereals and many tasty local jams. And yes, you can have also brezel for breakfast.
While in Baden-Baden, I made a last stop looking for some famous Schwarzwald cakes, to discover that the Bäckeler Kaffee is also present in Karlsruhe - and in Brühl too, a locality nearby. Their menu for the morning includes many homemade pastry and cheese to fuel your wanderlust energy for the rest of the day. Plus, who can refuse cakes for breakfast, anyway?
During my visit to Karlsruhe, I stayed at Hotel Greif, whose main advantage was the proximity to the train station. It was a neat nice place to spend a peaceful night before going out for the entire day. Their breakfast was booked for additional costs, and wasn't a blast. There was cheese and cereals and fresh orange juice and coffee too, but unfortunately no veggies at all. Maybe my breakfast day was a 'give veggies one more chance to life', who knows...
Among the top recommendations for breakfast in Karlsruhe, ALEX in Post was on the top. It is situated in the busy area of the Post shopping center and offers during the weekend, between 8 and 12 o'clock the option of brunch for 8.90 EUR. The price includes only one glass of juice, as the coffee and the rest of the drinks are paid separately. The balance between price and quality is really fair, with an extensive choice of things to add on your plate - including pasta and olives, fruit and veggie salads - and the breads are tasty and very fresh. 
My only small problem was that the customer service didn't have a good day then, but maybe not anyone knows how important is a good breakfast for a brilliant day. A happy belly and a smile on your face are sometimes all you need for sharing happiness with the others. Especially at breakfast. 


  1. I agree with you that breakfast is a very special meal. You have put together some great variations from sweet to savory. Something for everyone. I especially liked the Swedish buffet because it looks so good and who wouldn't enjoy a view of flamingos during the meal. Nice post.

    1. Thank you! Swedish buffet are perfect for me, as I love my freedom to make choices!

  2. Visited Karlsruhe a year ago - shame I didn't found those places :( But will definitely save this post for the next time there.

    1. Thank you! The next post is about what to do in Karlsruhe, so I hope to give you more reasons to return to this city!

  3. This looks divine! I miss European breakfasts a bit now that I'm in Oman.