The Hidden Gem of Tangermünde

While researching my travel plan for Stendal, I've found a couple of positive travel recommendations about Tangermünde, featured as a small little place with a special colourful flair.  As I am one of those always looking for traditional colourful destinations, featuring very often such travel places on my blog, I decided to use my time in the area for this short trip. 15 minutes later from Stendal - and 4 Eur. one way for the regional train - I arrived to Tangermünde, not sure what to expect.

And as usual in such cases, I left myself surprised with a special meal at the Hotel Schloss, a former noble residence turned into a 4-star luxury location with an excellent service and very children-friendly. My sweet board plate includes a combination of exquisite icecreams - poppyseeds - with fresh fruits and a tart with Port-wine soaked plums. 

After such a great foodie start, I felt encouraged to start exploring the area. The walled hotel has a beautiful garden decorated with art objects too, and the start was more than good.

It also has views over the Elbe river with its promenade, the best place to relax and keep fit without too much effort. Great place for biking too!

Outside the red-bricked walls, the city is already showing me its beautiful colours and I can't wait to explore more.

Antiquities shops are open displaying a big variety of objects, from small children toys and furniture to antique furniture.

Less than one hour away from Stendal and it looks like the sunny weather took everyone out of the house, and the little ones are already having their tasty icecream portions. For more restaurants and bars, you just have to check the Topferpassage.

The city hall is one of the most exquisite building of this kind I ever encountered in Germany. Built in the first half of the 15th century, it has the appearance of a religious instiution, with its Romanesque and Gothic features, and the rose windows. From all angles it looks really impressive, a masterpiece of architecture in its own right.

More importantly, Tangermünde features 'Frauen Orte'/'Women Places', featuring the personality of Grete Minde, both a literary - a character in the works of Theodor Fontane - and real character, the victim of her foreigness and the local machinations that targeted her because out of town.

The city invites me to discover all its secrets and admire its historical beauty, not significantly harmed by historical circumstances or the war bombings.

And who can resist the charm of those beautiful window frames and colourful doors? Not me...

What about the doors?

When it is about time to leave the walls of the citadel of Tangermünde behind, I know that I would love to come back for letting my eyes being soaked into the colours of this hidden gem. One of the many pleasant surprises of my trips across Germany, I am always welcoming...

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