Elegant Summer at Regent Berlin

With the 'heat wave' - for me, between brackets because, seriously, 30C is nothing more than a very normal temperature - coming back to Berlin for a while, one may notice how easy is to find a simple place for a drink or two. Things are a bit complicated if you are looking to pay not only for the hydration, but for the ambiance. Where you want to feel good and be served with a good offer, while being surrounded by people like you.
You need to rely on local knowledge for that. Discretely located in the busy area of Gendarmenmarkt, Regent Berlin is that oasis of elegance where you would perfectly spend a couple of long hot summer days and evenings. You go there to see and to be seen but without too much hussle, get a 5-star plus service and menu. Sounds fair?

First and foremost, the summer terrace, open daily between 10am and 10 pm, has a Veuve Clicquot bar. Simple, elegant, yellow and ready to treat your wishes. For the healthy conscious, you can have tasty smoothies and ice tea and beverages recommended by their famous Master Tea Gold Roland Pröh. The menu includes salads and snacks to balance the booze, but also various local (drinking, again) products, such as Belsazar Vermouth, Adler Gin or Rollberg Beer.

For the first time this year, if you are visiting the terrace between 12 noon and 12 pm, and 6pm and 10 pm, you can order there lunch and dinner from the gourmet restaurant Charlotte&Fritz. Previously Fischer Fritz, it was renamed based on the guests' suggestions and recently re-open to the public after an intense renovation process. Nowadays, in a Belle Epoque ambiance, you can taste regional dishes with eclectic influences from all over the world, with a weekly changing menu, created by chef de cuisine Jörg Lawerenz. 
There is another great chance to have a taste of the restaurant exquisite dishes: recently, together with Babor Institute by Christiane Lingner, Regent invites you to lunch, after a beauty treatment offered around the corner. The one hour of wellness is offered Tuesdays and Saturdays and is suited for both men and women.

Regent Berlin is more than a posh hotel where to spend your night. It offers histories and stories. And, what is not so easy to find in Berlin, an exquisite afternoon tea that I was lucky to try a couple of years ago. Master Tea Gold Roland Pröh highered the stakes even more, by a completely innovative package for the non-English realm: Victorian afternoon tea. On flowery painted China, you will be served at the same time sweet and savory pastries, and tea with hot water and milk on the side. The afternoon tea is bookable for minimum of three persons on the weekend, between 2pm and 6pm.
With a long list of local and international personalities on their guest lists, among which Tom Cruise and the team of FC Bayern, Regent Berlin is happy to share local stories with their guests. As this year the innovative German architectural Bauhaus movement celebrates 100 years, the hotel offers special 8-hour packages, with private guide and chauffeur, during which you will discover the most representative buildings in Berlin and their unique stories. 
Regent Hotel is part of the Berlin story, which invites you to become a local, while maintaining your usual standards. A story which already goes on and on successfully for many years.

Disclaimer: I was a guest of the summer terrace of Regent Berlin, but the opinions are, as usual, my own

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