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After years of suffering because of the winter, this January I was brave enough to spend a full day of travel in Bad Belzig. In just a couple of hours I saw almost everything, from the old houses to the art hidden in the woods, but also the Steintherme/Stone Spa, a place of wellness and health, one of the newest in Brandenburg. One month after, I was back, this time for an exclusive tour of the thermal baths. Now, I was fully enjoying the walk from the central station, in the middle of the nature ready for the spring.
As I was told later in the day, the area around the thermal baths is the usual meeting point for breaks before and after treatment or for a little bit of relaxation. The therm doesn't have a hotel on its own - this might be a plan for the future - but those interested to a longer stay are guided to various accommodation facilities available in Bad Belzig. The local parking capacity has around 200 places, and there are projects to build soon special facilities for caravans.
The regular visitors of Steintherme are from Germany, especially the area around Berlin, Brandenburg and Sachsen-Anhalt. Close to both Berlin and Leipzig, it also attracts tourists from Poland or Czech Republic. The big interest from the part of the German public is due to various local legal regulations, according to which it is possible to get a special thermal treatment every 3 year, with 50% paid by the health insurance. As usual, all those details of the local health system don't stop surprising me.
Few more steps and I am once again around the big wooden igloo that covers around 5,000 sqm. This time, I am too early and no one dared yet to swim outside. But the waters are always hot enough to encourage a special thermal adventure, as I already noticed during my first visit not too many bothered to swim in a snowy landscape. Shortly after 10 o'clock, more and more people, of all ages were arriving, quietly waiting in line to get in. Before the official opening, there are limited programs for baby swimming. The usual program from Sunday to Thursday is from 10am to 10pm, and from Friday to Saturday, from 10am to 11pm. Regularly, there are special offers the last Friday of the month, or on other occasions. Without special discounts the prices look very cheap anyway. Image
Inside the igloo, there is steamy warm. At the beginning of the new day, everything looks clean and ready to welcome the guests. My overall impression of the place is that although the design might not be according to the highest luxury standards, there is a lot of space that creates comfort and privacy. As not few of the persons visiting the Steintherme are looking for special medical treatments, the program suits a variety of needs. For instance, Nordic Aqua Walks, Aqua Zumba, Aqua rides. The geothermal brine is beneficial to the blood circulation, to disfunctionalities of the muscular apparatus, nervous exhaustion and cardiovascular disorders. For the weekend, there are more therapists available for special guidance and support.Image
Besides the various spas and treatment areas, the Siberian Banja is one of the most wanted. It can also be rented privately, for groups of maximum 8 persons. Image
Otherwise, there are enough temptations for the average visitor. Around 8 spaces for saunas, a hamam - mixed - herbal baths, hot stones treatment. Nearby, spaces for shower and big lockers to safely leave your luggage for the rest of the day. Even though it looks as there will be always enough space for more people, the representatives of Steintherme recommend a reservation at least 2 weeks in advance.
The special massage and wellness spaces have name of precious stones. The decorations are minimal, but the colours of the walls, inspired but the assigned stone name, can make a difference. The health needs are combined with the daily aesthetic needs: a gym space, but also a manicure and cosmetics area. The cosmetic products used are produced by Dr. Spiller professional skin care items produced by a laboratory in the Bavarian Alps. The geothermal brine is also recommended for its cosmetic and dermatological effects.
Another strong point of the Steintherme is the sound and light room, where special lights and sounds are aimed to bring relaxation and balance after hard work or daily stress. After so much effort and intensive treatments, the guests can taste the foods made at the local restaurant, whose one of the specialities is cooking directly on hot stones. From my last visit, a small shop was opened offering bath suits and other items needed for some good hours of wellness.  Image
After spending so much time in the wellness universe, I continue my well-being mood taking a little walk in the nature. Earlier in the day, I was told that mushroom picking is another popular activity in the area and I am almost ready to bet that such campester temptations will bring me back here one day. Maybe then I will also be able to take the full advantage of the wellness experts from SteinTherme Bad Belzig.
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Disclaimer: I was offered a tour of the Steintherme, but the opinions are, as usual, my own.

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