Breakfast chez Benedict in Berlin

As in the case of the afternoon tea, also when it comes to breakfast  Berlin has a long way until it will reach a degree of elegance and refinement comparable to London or Paris. But it is important to keep trying and searching for the best. Thus, when I've found out that the famous Benedict breakfast chain made in Israel has decided to open its branded place in my city, I almost jump of excitement. Finally, the fat generous Middle Eastern breakfast  
Elegantly decorated, with leather couches and luxuriant wall prints, the place reminds of a little French eatery with a touch of British charm and warm customer service. It is situated at the ground level of a boutique hotel at the intersection between Uhlandstrasse and Pariserstrasse, a quiet and posh part of Berlin.
In Israel, Benedict - present in Tel Aviv, Herzliya and Rishon LeZion - offers 24/7 breakfast, but for Berlin, as for now, it is open only until 16.00. The menu was also adapted to the expectations of the German foodie market. What it didn't change is the excellent customer service, which is not only careful to serve you, but to create a certain ambiance that calls you back, whatever your impressions about the food. It has that human touch in so much demand in many of the food places in Berlin, including the high-end ones. 
Too much talk, let's eat. As I am keen to try good Egg Benedicts, I am for a truffle mushrooms version, which is tasty and well done, except that the choice of bread - white and maybe not necessarily fresh, doesn't match. At all. However, the full flavor of truffles which I love a lot, melted with the egg yolk, give my brains a good feeling which make me forget that detail. Maybe the next time there will be a change of bread, I said hopefully to myself and jump to the next order. I love long rich breakfast, you know...
The coconut banana pancakes are not too sweet, soaked in delicious tasting sauces and added some extra natural sugar from the banana. The dough is special, not the usual American pancakes one might expect. The strong cappuccino makes balances the sugar in the blood, but after all, the winter just started and we all need some warm and little sweet surprises. As for me, I would for sure be back this season, to check more of the menu. Because, as you know already, breakfast is my favourite part of the day.

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