Foodie Berlin: Flakes Corner, in Hackescher Markt

Breakfast is my favourite part of the day, and besides coffee, cornflakes - and cereals in general - are my faithful companions. I particularly love the sweet ones, from the cinnamon covered type to the chocolate small waffles. Thus, when I've found out that over 100 cornflakes boxes - especially those American beauties that it is almost impossible to find in the usual store - are available to try at Flakes Corner since October, I hurried out to take a look and a full spoon. 
The store and eatery is situated on Neue Promenade 9, very close from the S-Bahn station Hackescher Markt. One can choose up to 3 sorts of cornflakes, plus cereals-based shakes. Topics of all sorts - like marshmallows - are available for extra 0.70 EUR. You got a bowl and a little bottle of milk - you can also choose what kind of milk you want, including soy. Energizing cocktails - VitaBoost, orange-based etc - can be also served. 
The overall design of the place is inspired by the 1970s, with a bit too loud music from the same time as a musical background. Expect a lot of plastic chairs and 'nostalgic' decorations on the table, including colourful Rubik cubes. Cornflakes were always fashionable and will always be so making the right choice of cereals doesn't have necessarily to do with the 'old good times'. I bet the GDR -times weren't too cornflakes-friendly either - as it was obviously an American product. The service is friendly and both English and German speaking and quite helpful when it comes to making the right choice for the bowl content.
As for me, I went straightforward for one type of cereals - it was past 13.00 anyway, and I already had my usual fat breakfast - Fruit Loops with marshmallows, soaked in the cold milk. Sweet enough  - with some fruity sensations, and the extra sweetness brought by the marshmallows - to bring me energy to continue my exploration of the Hackescher Markt. When my bowl was empty and had to leave, I had one more look at the many boxes of cereals and promise to come back. Because, breakfast should be a day-long feast, isn't it?

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