Discovering another Uckermark Jewel: Lychen

We are walking through roads bordered by high trees which do not leave more than some patches of sky to light the way. Wherever we look, either to the right or to the left, thick forests are everywhere, enlightened once in a while by the glittering lakes. I am back in the Uckermark to discover another hidden jewel and I know from the very beginning tha spending a day here was just an invitation to return more often.
I've been in the Uckermark several times already: to Templin, Prenzlau and Angermünde and due to the short distances to and from Berlin, visiting there is always a good idea. Via Twitter, Tourismus Marketing Uckermark, recommended to check Lychen too, and shortly after checking some information about the place, I agreed that it goes well with my usual travel agenda.  
After passing near what probably once used to be a 'language school', now an abandoned building, in the way you can still find such constructions all over the former communist Germany area, we are finally to Lychen, which is around one hour away from Berlin.
Surrounded by waters, it is also called the 'Floating city' - or the Floßerstadt and I can't wait to check by myself the beautiful water pictures I've seen on the Internet when researching my destination.
The classical architecture keeps the usual shape of the buildings and uses the red bricked common in this part of Germany, but the monocromous red bricks are happily replaced with some variations of white which enobles the construction.
Every couple of street crossing, there are directions to more and more camping places or to big lakes. Or to boat renting, including solar ones, probably moved forward by the force of the natural light.
It is the end of August, and the smell of fresh red apples is wafting in the air from the small local orchards.
Colourful boat renting boots look like huge floating ships in the middle of the water.
The weather is lovely, with moderate temperature and sun all day long, without any threat of clouds and everyone look to enjoy staying outdoors, from the many tourists to the locals. The local cakes from the Kaffeepause are winking at me, but it is too early for a break.
Old remnants of the city wall are beautifully framing the main avenue, leading to the city center.
The pink city hall looks like a noble mansion waiting the evening to be surrounded by lights of massive chandeliers and elegant guests moving slowly to the main reception hall.
Most of the local restaurants, full with customers either locals or tourists, many taking a break from their biking tours, offer local dishes - I still to find out what does it actually. As a city where fishing and hunting are still regular occupation, I cannot expect too many vegetarian variation, as it is clearly written white on black on this board at the entry to this restaurant. 

Walking around the lakes is so refreshing and always a good opportunity to cut oneself a little bit from the usual hassle.
Boats seem to be an efficient transportation way around Lychen, as much as cars and bikes do.
Small windows surrounded by flowers growing wildly create a natural feeling of summer countryside.
I was heartly recommended to try for a coffee, or even more, Kaffeemühle, which looks like the cultural life center in Lychen. Locals and families with children and people biking from Berlin are together under the same summer sunny roof, enjoying a cup or a meal. Regularly, here are held various cultural events, from poetry evenings to concerts.
Besides the obligatory afternoon cappuccino, I wanted to try some special homemade cakes, and opted from the coconut mango which wasn't the best taste match, but was worth the try. 
Fully refreshed and refuelled, we continue the journey around lakes and small green forests. Living here might be hard during the long winters especially because the transportation could be difficult when the water is frozen, but nonetheless for the summer, it looks like a little corner of paradise.
In addition to lakes and forests, there are also big playgrounds for children, and even a park where one can practice some big cheese moves.
Museum lovers may be rewarded here too, with a small regional museum sharing knowledge about the flora and fauna of Uckermark and Lychen in particular.
So much water and wild nature is an invitation to romantic musings, therefore, fragments of poems can be found all over Lychen in the most unexpected places. Some are quotes from big poets like Heine or Goethe, but also by what seems to be local authors.
Besides the activities at Kaffeemühle and some yoga practice centers, the locals also can have some fun at the Altes Kino, running regularly box office movies for children and grown up audiences.
The silence of the empty cobblestone streets is so overwhelming, like time is in the balance before the switch of the seasons.
There are the small details which always surprise me during my trips. The colourful flower details on the windows remind me of some Transylvanian folk costumes.
By accident, we stumble upon the Haus Vogelsange, which offers almost everything: from bio cakes to some creative workshops, summer apartments and reading evenings.
As I am about to leave, there is an interesting small art shop on Fürtenbergerstraße which I would love to check but unfortunately is closed on a Sunday. Now, besides the pleasure of spending time exploring the lakes, I have one more particular reason to return to Lychen, maybe sooner than the next summer.

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  1. I really enjoyed the way you wrote this, as though I was wandering around in real time with you! Especially as it sounds like a cool place to hang out!

  2. Thank you very much! It is a very peaceful place, surrounded by lakes where the only company is made of one, maximum 2 ducks! It is lovely in the summer!