How to Explore the World Differently

Berlin, the city of all impossible dreams
As an avid traveller since my early childhood, I’ve tried all the possible means of transportation: from biking through the Japan countryside to exploring Germany or Central Europe by train (I still have vivid memories of my adventurous decisions to commute at least twice by night train from Budapest to Prague or Vienna). Exploring Thailand by bus a couple of years ago brought me close to sights that you rarely can see if you go by train or private jet. With the help of our guide we went to temples hidden in the heart of the mountains, heavily guarded
For each and every country, there are special transportation means you can use for a better coverage of those secret gems that you rarely have the chance to come close by if you are just a busy, always in a big hurry tourist.
Since moving to Berlin ten years ago - and counting - my travel experiences diversified, but also my knowledge about the ways in which travel should be also an activity done in full acknowledgment of the environmental priorities. If you plan to see the world, travel by airplane cannot be avoided, but at least you can try as much as you can to combine activities with a lesser impact to the environment, such as renting a bike for a city tour, or planning a walking tour of a city. Using public transportation can not only show you some off the beaten track parts of a country or a specific city, but also allows you to get in touch with the real people living there, which may leave important human memories and maybe friendships too. Very often, for me, visiting a specific place means trying to understand the culture and mentalities and this cannot be achieved naturally by covering exclusively the destinations featured by the tourist guides (nothing against them but they are largely limited if you are looking to also understand and not only to visit a place).

Better planning-more money for your next adventure

In fact, there are so many additional considerations and research that should be done the moment you decide to be more than a tourist. However, a good careful planning will help you not only to add your contribution to saving the planet and inspire others to do the same, but also to have a better financial planning and therefore to save more for your next adventure on the road.
Exploring nature in Spreewald, Germany
For each countries, specific requirements should be taken into considerations. For example, for big countries like Australia, you need to be very realistic when it comes to the travel objectives. A huge country, with enormous distances - which may take days - between cities and a lot of desert in-between, with a relatively high standard of living therefore with expensive prices for services, Australia can be challenging, especially for the first time visitor. And it has to do not only with the budget, which should be quite generous, if you want to cover your basic needs. But it has to do also with the right evaluation of the time needed to cover specific destinations. Especially if you are, like me, a traveller curious to see a bit more than the big cities and dive into the quiet life of the everyday Australian life, you might want to explore the country by car. If you travel as a family, it is a good opportunity to travel at your own pace, and also save money as a travel by airplane could be pretty expensive.
Once you have your plans for your Australian trip ready, you can start searching what are the best and affordable opportunities for an unforgettable road trip across this enormous country. By checking sites like KAYAK, you can easily find the best solution which suits your needs and your budget too. When both parents do have driver license, it is even easier, as you can switch your places at the wheel and keep rolling as much as you can and you want. A stop on the side to admire the sunset or just to embrace the silence of the desert, might be as an unforgettable experience as the standard - Instagrammable - picture in the front of the Sydney Opera House.

Be Grateful

Every time when I travel I start and end my journey by being grateful: for having the chance to travel so much; for having the freedom of movement; for the advantage of the EU passport to freely explore the history and culture of the world; for the chance of living in a country where working hard leads to being rewarded financially according to my skills and efforts; for the chance of knowing so many languages giving me the chance to communicate with people directly; for being healthy; for growing up an unfearful and autonomous adult; for having met so many inspiring people during my travels; for living those complex times when distances don’t matter when you have a clear aim.
Sharing my experiences about travel is part of my daily practice of gratitude, trying to inspire others to do the same while keeping in mind what an amazing thing is to be alive those days.

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