Reality Mind Games at Illuseum Berlin

I remember how after being to an illusionist show as a kid, how much I wanted to understand the tricks of the showman. When my mother finally decided to buy us a 'magic box', with tissues and some cubes and a pack of cards and even a magician stick, I was the happiest human in the world for at least one day. As I would have learn later in school, there is more science to 'magic' and the lack of knowledge is what usually makes the excitement bigger. However, there is excitement in pursuing scientific research too and the brain games could offer high rewarding for those dedicated to intellectual endeavourings. 
My recent visit to Illuseum Berlin was a kind reminder that curiosity is a gift for all ages and it keeps our brain alive when we need it the most.

I might be biased right now, but out of all the Berlin museums I've visited - and there is a big bunch of them -  this is one of the most Instagramable I ever seen. It invites you to share your selfies and visual finds and there are plenty of them at every corner. You can find them here on Instagram, and use the hashtags #illuseumberlin.
Besides the visually entincing aspects, the explanatory part is also worth mentioning. For every 'magical' experiment, there is detailed information shared in Spanish and Italian besides English and German.

Recently renovated and rebranded, Illuseum Berlin is targeting a wide range of public: from small children to retired people, which made its offer even more generous - from children parties to team buildings.

When I visited, on a mid-day Monday, it was busy enough to wait for a couple of minutes the moment when you can experience directly one or the other of the 'illusions' available.

Here, for instance, you can put your lovely head on a plate and share the outcome on Instagram. No one is harmed during the experiment and you can soberly meet the rest of your body soon after. 

You can get hipnotized, see how your companion(s) is growing or just disappearing, don't believe your eyes when you reveal the hidden secrets of the holograms or get really dizzy in the tilted room (it actually happened to me; just another occasion to think about how fragile our brains are).

When life is more or less an illusion, travelling through the fragments of the mirror is a normal escapist solution. 

Here, you can play cards with yourself in a multiple version. Just take care to not get annoyed too much! Keep thinking about that's only one of 'you' who will always win! Win-win!

As the world looks upside down, you can always keep playing the fool, although knowing that in the end, the change is one click away.
Illuseum Berlin -  discretely located opposite the famous TV Tower - makes you think about all the options and get into the mood of the everyday science of 'magic'. It's the healthiest brain game you can offer yourself and to your family too. 
Tip: Don't forget to take your precious cell phone with!

Disclaimer: Gifted visit but the opinions are, as usual, my own

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