6 Reasons to Visit an Aviatic Show

A350 surrounded by people. Many of them
As someone used to often travel by plane since my early teens, I remain fascinated by that extraordinary feeling when the massive mass of the airplane its smoothly taking off and makes its way through the clouds up in the air. Although I do have a more than basic scientific background to understand step-by-step the process, I continue to be in wonder every time when the landing takes place, as it shows how extraordinary things the human mind can create sometimes.
However, my curiosity about airplanes stops here, and I am nothing more than a regular miles collector, offering myself once in a while the pleasures of a luxury stay on the board of the airplane. Unless those airplanes do have some interesting histories to tell. History was a good reason to visit the last year the Gatow Military History Museum near Berlin, featuring interesting artefacts of the Cold War or Anklam, two yea
rs ago, for seeing with my own curious eyes the pioneering work of Otto Lilienthal.
ILA aviatic show and exhibition combines both history and high-technology, with a permanent air show where the latest technological discoveries are displayed for the public - for the two days at the end of the exhibition - and for the experts in the area. I visited this impressive event a couple of years ago, and this year I was back to refresh my memories, and maybe to learn one thing or two about airplanes too. 
For those planning to visit the next ILA - will take place again in Berlin only in 2020 - or other aviatic shows anywhere else in the world, here are my top 6 reasons to do it. Believe me, it involves a lot of fun too!

1. Learn a lot about history of humankind

Airplanes do play an important role in the history of humanity. Can you imagine life nowadays without airplanes? It helps people and merchandise move faster, but also helps saving life in case of emergencies when rescue helicopters can arrive at the site of an accident, for instance. All those achievements are in the front of your eyes within a couple of meters only.

2. Airshows are fantastic

The best way to experience an aviatic show is by effectively watching the fantastic live shows. Either there are military or domestic flights on display, the visual experience is always fantastic. During my time of visiting ILA, I've seen a couple of military airplanes regularly operating in Afghanistan and other conflict areas, but also the A350 Airbus - France was the guest of honor this edition - or the least known Kawasaki 1 Airplane.

3. Admire the latest technologies

You don't need to be a geek or an engineer to realize how far science and technologies are when it comes to achievements in the field of aviation. Just have a look at the Beluga, by Airbus, to feel the science vibe. It leaves you speechless, indeed...

The newest Lufthansa logo

4. Have a tour inside some of the airplanes of the day

You can not only see the airplanes from outside, you can also have a visit inside some of them, which is not an everyday occurence. For instance, this huge Luftwaffe airplane is usually used in Afghanistan and talking with the pilots and checking all the fantastic technical amenities is an experience in itself.

5. Have some fun too...

Fancy a business trip with this 1949 Cesna 195?

Not everything is so science-serious - altough, at least for this edition, there were way too many military-related exhibits. It can be also fun, to see all those small airplanes, go on board and take a picture of yourself, eventually with a glass of beer on your hand - the offer in terms of food and drinks was impressive, although a bit overpriced. 

6. Meet people, many people, lots of them

Especially if the weather is fine, is really worth to spend a fun day outdoors, together with other many thousands of people. One ticket costed 22 EUR, and shuttle buses were taking the visitors from the S-Bahn Schönefeld until the location and back. The total amount of visitors, according to ILA webside, was over 150,000, most of them probably during the two last days when the exhibition was open to the public. With so many fun time alternatives for both children and families and couples and people passionate about airplanes, an aviatic show is a great way to spend some time surrounded by so many people, and their fantastic machines.

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